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Your Well-being is My Top Priority

Many things may have changed since the start of 2020, some long-term and some temporarily, but one thing that remains the same is my heart-felt intention to provide you with the best massage session ever! To that end, and to fulfill the stricter requirements expected of me as a massage professional, I am instituting the following protocols. These will be revised as needed and allowed. Studio hygiene has always been maintained at a high level out of respect for my clients and myself. While there are no risk-free environments, I am making every effort to ensure you continue to receive the safest and most effective massage experience possible. If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance scheduling an appointment, please email me: I hope to see you on the schedule and in my session room soon!

Studio Hygiene Guidelines

Daily Health Screening

* Clients are asked to cancel/reschedule their appointment if they have:

- Had a fever over 100.4F within the last 24 hours.

- Now or recently had respiratory/flu symptoms, sore throat, or shortness of breath

- Been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with

COVID-19 or has coronavirus-type symptoms.

* Therapist will cancel/reschedule appointments if she experiences any of the above .

* Temperature readings will be taken of both the client and therapist before sessions to

confirm both are below 100.4F.

Before/After Every Appointment (only therapist in room)

* Thorough washing of therapist hands and arms, scrub nails, for a minimum of 20 seconds

after and before every session, and application of hand sanitizer.

* Use protective gloves for cleaning/disinfection.

* Wash and disinfect any stones, cups, heaters and other massage equipment used.

* Wipe down and disinfect all commonly touched areas, including: door handles and curtain

room-divider tabs; client seating and provision areas; face cradle, arm rest, bolsters,

massage stool; storage cabinets/drawer handles; pen/desk area, cell phone, Stripe pos;

any other areas of concern.

* Replace all used linens, towels, pillow covers, blankets.

* Use of hand sanitizer prior to touching clean linens.

* An extra pillowcase or cloth is used within the face cradle to provide extra protection from

air-borne particles (client sneeze or cough while face down)

* Replace client provisions as needed.

* Replace clip board forms -- place only one form at a time on clip board.

* Mop or vacuum floors, especially main traffic areas.

* Disinfect bathroom light switches, door, toilet, sink, soap and hand sanitizer handles.

* Disinfect rear entry door handles. (Salon will disinfect front entry door handles.)

* Fresh shirt/scrub top for therapist; place used shirt in take-home laundry bag.

* Fresh cloth mask for therapist; place used cloth mask in take-home laundry bag.

Pre-Session Client In-Studio

* Client use of hand sanitizer.

* Provision of mask if client does not have one.

- Cloth masks provided follow the guidelines & instructions provided by the CDC:

* Offer spritz of essential oil (client choice as available) on exterior of mask.

* Temperature reading of client and therapist.

* Confirmation of online health history completion.

- If incomplete, completion of form prior to session start.

* Current date health intake questions.

Post-Session Client In-Studio

* If cloth mask was provided in studio, removal and placement in designated area.

* Client use of hand sanitizer.

* Client use of disposable disinfectant wipe or paper towel to take with if desired.

End of Day

* After-session routine disinfection.

* Remove all linens/covers from massage table.

* Disinfect entire massage table.

* Empty trash cans and replace liners.

* Place all hand towels, cleaning cloths, floor towels in take-home laundry bag.

* Remove/replace laundry bags from studio.

* Place laundry service bag in hallway receptacle.

* Disinfect bathroom and remove/replace trash bag.

* Thorough washing of hands and arms and use of hand sanitizer..

* Refill oil bottles, essential oil spritzers, hand sanitizer, as needed.

* Disinfect all door handles and light switches on the way out.

* Place trash bags in dumpster.

* Launder take-home linens per Home Laundry Hygiene Guidelines.

Weekly or as needed

* Water interior and exterior plants as needed.

* Vacuum common hall and entries.

* Sweep exterior entries.

* Replace and launder room divider curtains.

* Refill all hand sanitizer dispensers within studio and in hallway.

* Refill bathroom soap dispenser.


* Launder TV window frame curtain.

* Thorough check/cleaning/organization of entire studio and bathroom.

Air Quality Hygiene

* Air purifier circulates the entire room at least 4 times per hour with HEPA, UV-C sterilization

and negative ions.

- Filters are replaced as needed to maintain optimum efficiency.

* Spider plants provide fresh oxygen, increase humidity, and remove carbon monoxide,

formaldehyde, Xylene, toluene and other contaminants.

Hot/Cold Stone Hygiene Guidelines

* Hot/cold stones are washed to remove oil/debris, then disinfected, after each session used.

* Heater liner and cold stone bowl are disinfected and refilled after every session of use.

Cupping Equipment Hygiene Guidelines

* All cup equipment is washed to remove oi/debris, then disinfected, after each session used.

TheraBath Paraffin Hygiene Guidelines

* Used paraffin is always discarded and never put back into the paraffin warmer.

* Hands are cleansed with soapy water and a warm towel; hand sanitizer is applied and

allowed to dry; then hands are covered with an appropriate moisturizer prior to dipping.

* Paraffin maintains its sanitary state due to its immediate encapsulating nature.

- Refer to TheraBath Pro paraffin hygiene link:

Towel Warmer Hygiene Guidelines

* Towels are placed in laundry bag after every use and never returned to the warmer.

* Fresh towels are added to the warmer as needed throughout the day.

* Towel warmer interior is cleaned and disinfected daily prior to use.

Home Laundry Hygiene

* Clean dryer lint guard.

* Disinfect washer and dryer drums and exterior surfaces prior to use.

* Linens are washed with an appropriate detergent and hot water, then rinsed with

disinfectant instead of fabric softener.

* Thoroughly dry on high dryer setting.

* Thorough hand washing and use of hand sanitizer prior to folding.

* Fold on disinfected surfaces.

* Place cleaned linens in disinfected, sealed totes.

Positive COVID-19 Procedure

Massage practitioners are not authorized to share the health data of their clients without the client’s written consent. However, should a client develop symptoms of COVID-19 within two weeks of a session, the therapist will contact the Kent County health department for consultation and guidance. (per FSMTB guidelines)

Additional Information Resources

- Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards


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